We are looking for volunteers to build a hemp wall in a Tibetan Buddhist centre in Rotterdam the coming month.

The hemp wall will enclose the centre’s meditation room, a place where the articulated dimensions, daylight and extraordinary materials come together to enhance spirituality. The use of an exposed hemp wall goes beyond the thermal, health and acoustic properties of the material. Its natural roughness will evoke the perfect mystical ambience. More information about the project can be found here.

The wall will be built entirely by volunteers under supervision from Guillem Colomer (COFO architects) and hemp experts EcobouwSalland. The construction workshop will last 10 days and volunteers will be organised in 4-hour shifts.

Join and enjoy a unique building process where you will learn more about hemp, an innovative, yet traditional material.

Dates: 4 -13 December
Shift times: morning, afternoon, evening
Location: Oostkousdijk 17B, 3024 CL Rotterdam

If you are interested, contact us at info@cofoarchitects.com. Please include your personal information and shift availability in your email.