Work on the Meditation Room at the 'Workshop for the Mind' Buddhist centre has just started. The room will be the treasure of the community, a place where the articulated dimensions, daylight and extraordinary materials come together to enhance spirituality. The use of an exposed hemp wall goes beyond the thermal, health and acoustic properties of the material. Its natural roughness will evoke the perfect mystical ambience. The wall has been built entirely by volunteers under supervision from Guillem Colomer (COFO architects) and hemp experts EcobouwSalland. The building process took 10 days and 20 m3 of hemp were used. The material provides a continuous joint-free wall, an amazing achievement and source of pride for the community.

The wall will now be left untouched for the coming 3 months in order to allow the hemp to compress and dry. During these months, the construction will continue in the other spaces of the centre.

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