COFO’s design proposal for the main pavilion at the Concéntrico Festival (Logroño, Spain) is an open pavilion. Open in every sense.

Open to the city. Through randomly framed views, citizens can see and understand their everyday environment in a different way.

Open to change. An adaptable system that can be quickly reconfigured in response to the level of covid emergency or to festival events.

Open to visitors. A meeting space to encourage discovering, encircling, observing, experimenting, creating...

Open to creativity. The panel system is designed to stimulate the active participation of citizens, generating opportunities to experiment at different scales.

Elevations of an open pavilion made from wooden panels for Concentrico Festival

After reviewing over 200 submitted proposals, the jury from Concéntrico has chosen the winner of the pavilion competition. Congratulations to sauermartins + Mauricio Méndez!