At the request of cultural foundation Field of Dreams, COFO architects has designed an architecture strategy for a new arts festival in Hull (UK). The event would take place in the Princes Quay shopping centre, located in a central, but inactive semi-industrial area. The festival aims to revitalise the area and to give voice to the young designers of Hull.

A set of eye-catching temporary constructions developed by different local collectives would be placed on the roof of the centre’s multi-storey car park. The initiative will be visible from the ring road, one of the main arteries of Hull, attracting more visitors. The strategic design enables the local designers to have a say not only in the content they wish to show, but also in the container, making them participants of the festival’s spatial creation. The festival will take place during the two summer months, after which the constructions can be reused and relocated around the city.

The foundation Field of Dreams is currently in talks with the Princes Quay shopping centre to develop the project further.